English plus Rugby camp in England
English plus Rugby camp in England
English plus Rugby camp in England

English Plus Rugby Intensive Course

Improve your English with Kingsway and develop your rugby skills with the Worcester Warriors under the guidance of Community Rugby Manager Steve Joslin

“Ideal for those who need to improve their English for their studies or career and would like to develop their rugby skills”

On the Rugby Pitch

The English Plus Rugby programme takes place at the fantastic Sixways Stadium, home to Premiership rugby union team, the Worcester Warriors. We welcome all levels of rugby players, from complete beginners to experienced team players. Included in your course:

  • Separate coaching for 13-17 years and 18-25 years
  • 10 hours of interactive rugby training per week
  • RFU qualified coaches will keep students on their toes!
  • Play against other local teams when possible
  • End of course trial to win prizes and accolades
  • Presentation event for certificates and prizes
  • Review of your rugby skills by the coaches

In the Classroom

The classrooms overlook the main pitch of the Worcester Warriors stadium, so even in your English classes you can soak up the atmosphere of rugby! Lessons focus on building confidence in speaking and listening in English at a broad intermediate level, but also include reading and writing skills – all to help you when you are back at school after your course. Included in your course:

  • Separate classes for 13-17 years and 18-25 years
  • 15 hours of English lessons per week
  • Qualified English teachers
  • Lessons relevant to language needed to play rugby
  • We develop your confidence in using English
  • Rugby specialists drop in to the lessons for Q&As
  • Fitness, training and nutrition advice included

English Lessons

Separate lessons for 13-17 years and 18-25 years. English lessons take place in the mornings from 09h30-11h00 and 11h30-13h00 Monday to Friday. There is a break from 11h00-11h30 when drinks and cookies are provided. We follow a lesson framework to ensure that all areas are covered (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation) though the main objective is to improve your confidence to enable you to pass your high school exams in English.


A buffet style lunch is included for all students at Sixways from Monday to Friday between 13h00-14h00. At weekends your lunch is included with your homestay family if you are at home, or packed lunches provided if you are on an organised day trip.

Worcester Warriors Rugby Coaching

Separate coaching groups for 13-17 years and 18-25 years. Rugby coaching takes place from 14h00-16h00 Monday to Friday at the Sixways Stadium complex. We cater for total beginners to experienced rugby players who want to take the next step in their development. The programme is staffed by an experienced set of coaches who ensure that it is run in a safe and enjoyable way whilst ensuring current skills and techniques are covered. All participants get the opportunity to learn and develop their skills through a range of conditioned games and drills.

Safeguarding of under-18s

  • All Kingsway and Worcester Warriors staff looking after under-18s are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked to ensure your youngsters are in the care of properly qualified staff.
  • All under-18s are accompanied between their homestays / city centre and Sixways by a member of Kingsway staff or their homestay family, both in the morning and after rugby coaching in the afternoons.
  • All homestays looking after under-18s are also DBS checked and act ‘in loco parentis’ which means they will look after their students as though they were their parents. We expect our students to give their homestay family the respect they deserve.